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This mixed media art is inspired by several women I met while producing the Quincy Illinois Poverty Project. The quotes and poems are theirs. There are many who have a history of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence trauma. The result of that trauma is devastating in many ways. The trauma literally rewires the brain in such a way as to make it extremely difficult to cope with those traumatic events, especially when the trauma lasts over any substantial period of time.

Later in life many suffer from various levels of PTSD, which causes depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, and other issues. Without help it can be a challenge to live a life free of self medicating with drugs or alcohol further compounding ones life. I did this series to add to the #MeToo movement, as it was forming about the time I was interviewing many with childhood trauma history.

These mixed-media pieces on raised wood panels are available for purchase. Half of the proceeds will be donated to Quanada, our local domestic violence and sexual abuse shelter. Please consider donating to them on a regular basis. They serve Adams County and several other counties in the region.