Using the “bull-pitt” at the sale barn as his pulpit, Stan Henderson gestures as he makes a point, while preaching and sharing the gospel to a packed house.
Using the men’s bathroom at the end of a narrow hallway Stan Henderson changes into a fresh shirt and vest before giving his sermon at Tuesday night’s church service.
With a necklace and cross symbolizing her love for God, hanging from the rearview mirror on her pick-up truck, foreground, Vicky Carter makes her way from the parking lot to the Eastern Missouri Livestock Commission sale barn building for Tuesday night’s church service.
From front to back, La Rae Capstick, Mila Suddarth and Marshall Suddarth, play old favorite gospel music as the congregation sings along.
Bottle-feeding his baby girl Emma while waiting for the beginning of church services, Lance McCollum of Clarksville, Mo., catches up with what’s been going on lately with his good friend Dell Rice of Bowling Green, Mo. “He’s a pretty good buddy of mine,” Rice says of McCollum.
Standing near the back entrance of the sale barn, Stan Henderson spends a moment talking with a man who came to church to hear him preach.
Stan Henderson delivers a sermon to his congregation during Tuesday night church service at the Eastern Missouri Livestock Commission sale barn in Bowling Green, Mo.
After church, Stan Henderson and his wife Brenda Henderson shake hands and thank everyone for coming to the service.