Hi Friends, I had a great time making memorable photos of the sledding fun at South Park, Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021. Just a FYI. I’m a long-time professional photojournalist of more than 30 years. I have a passion for making memorable, uncontrived, moment based pictures. Working as photojournalist across the country, with the opportunity to talk to thousands of people, I know how important photographs like these are to those I photograph.

I loved being out there, and appreciate all the supporting comments from those who were happy to see me making pictures at the park. Although, in many ways, it’s much more difficult to capture action and candid moments like these, outside of the studio, I am offering images at prices far below my portrait photo sessions in order that these images are accessible. I want you to have great pictures. If you appreciate a photograph I made of you or a loved one, please know a lot of work and passion went into it.

Feel free to contact me for details if you would like to order high resolution digital files or prints. Thanks again, Be safe out there.

The following pictures are from Saturday, Feb. 20 too.

Last Week…………

I ventured out to South Park in Quincy to find families having a blast sledding down the slopes. I can remember many occasions when I did the same. It’s some sort of a tradition, I think. Enjoy the images. Hit me up if you’d like to purchase a print or digital file, as it’s the sale of images that affords me the time to make memorable pictures like these. Thank you.

Had a blast making pictures of individuals and families hitting the snow slopes at South Park in Quincy today. The sun was out, which seemed to warm things up a bit. I’m sure there will be more celebrating the snow at South Park this week. I hope to be back there too.