Baumholder, Germany, March, 1983

dpiimg147Mainz, Germany

dpiimg146Baumholder, Germany

dpiimg165Ft. Lewis, Washington AIT

dpiimg164Ft. Jackson, S.C. – That’s me on the left.

dpiimg163Ft. Lewis, WA. M113 Armored Personnel Carrier, August, 1981.  Face properly cammo’d hands not.  Manning 50 Cal. machine gun.  Age 19

dpiimg162Me with ammo strapped across myself at M60 machine gun range, Ft. Lewis, WA.

dpiimg161My Arms Room in Baumholder, Germany.

dpiimg16020-mile walk in the park at Ft. Lewis, Wa.  9th Infantry Division still used 90mm recoilless rifles. Dude is carrying one up front there.

dpiimg159Not long after purchasing a Kodak instant camera I made several stupid photos like this one.  : ))))  Okay, you would have had to have been there.  : )))

dpiimg158The motor pool shot from near my barracks in Baumholder, Germany.  Those are M60 tanks rolling through.  I’m glad Im no longer stationed in some remote dump of an area these days.  Was an awesome experience OFF base though.  : ))))

dpiimg157Busted up leg after motorcycle accident, Ft. Lewis, WA.  Three months in this Hoffman device – immobilized exactly as seen in this picture for 3 months. Ouch.  : )

dpiimg149Doing some sewing at barracks room in Mainz, Germany.

dpiimg148Baumholder, Germany.  Must be too tire to keep eyes open.  We partied a LOT back then.