Scenic, South Dakota converted church building.

Jail at Scenic, S.D.

Blue building, window and fencepost in Scenic, S.D.

Hill City, South Dakota.

Custer State Park.  Lake directly behind my tent.

Crazy Horse Monument and Indian Museum of North America, Cultural Center.  This is a worthwhile project of extreme importance.  Check it out.

Pringle, South Dakota

Wounded Knee, and Pine Ridge, South Dakota.  I really didn’t take many pictures here.  I simply don’t have an understanding of the situation there where there is so much poverty and hopelessness on the surface.  Many of the residents are doing well, but the contrast for those who aren’t is incredibly evident, and especially visible in the border “town” ( population 14 ) of White Clay, Neb., where dozens of native American Indian alcoholics are strewn about the ground, passed out from drink in broad daylight hours.  The “town” consists of only bars and liquor stores designed for the sole purpose of selling alcohol to Indians living 2 miles away in what is otherwise a “dry” reservation.  The owners of these establishments are disgusting, making money off the misery of others.  It’s an unbelievable sight to see.  Perhaps the epicenter of suffering in all of the United States of America.   I plan on returning to the area to make more photographs.  While there I met some friends who invited me to stay at their home over night.  Here is a link to Leon Matthew’s “Rez Rambling’s” blog about the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  It’s worth checking out.  He and his family are doing what they can to bring hope to many residents of Pine Ridge.  His site has links to videos of recent protests of White Clay alcohol sellers.